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Meet Felix

A few months ago I was biking around town for some photoshoots, when I ran into Felix. We met a few years ago through mutual friends, when he told me about his catering business. Two…

Meet Hiromi

Many of you know that I’ve been photographing restaurants for Deliveroo since their early days in Amsterdam. My journey through Dutch hospitality has taken me to various places and helped me to discover a vast…

Meet Menno

I was biking through a cute family neighbourhood a few weeks ago, on my way to a long-awaited Dishtales People shoot. We’ve been trying to set a date, but somewhere between countless events, writing…

Original Recipes

Nice and Tasty; from Norma Jean to Marilyn Monroe

Chapter 8: KooKoo Sabzi

A brand new gadget came in today and I couldn’t wait to show you guys. My love for basically everything by Le Creuset is endless. I kicked off my collection with some amazing breakfast accessories (check…

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