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Many of you know that I’ve been photographing restaurants for Deliveroo since their early days in Amsterdam. My journey through Dutch hospitality has taken me to various places and helped me to discover a vast range of cuisine, presented by extraordinary people. A few months ago I received a rather odd restaurant address, located in the sub-urban outskirts of (very residential) Amsterdam. It took some time to figure out that I was actually invited into the restaurant owner’s house. They were still in the process of constructing their business and so their pictures had to shot at their house. Upon arriving the door opened and I was greeted by a truly lovely lady. The unusual setting made me even more curious to discover who this lady was and why her journey landed in my hometown. When the phenomenally composed stack of godliness was presented by her I was hooked. It is my pleasure to introduce the creator of a brand new restaurant where you can eat this Wagyu Teriyaki Burger: Meet Hiromi.

Leaving behind a succesful life in London’s financial district, Hiromi pursued a brand new challenge as a food entrepreneur. While I was preparing my camera, she proudly presented her version of a brownie: a green brownie. Apparently this was a matcha brownie and it tasted fantastic! With much enthusiasm Hiromi told me that her Wagyu Burger was not only a(-n originally) marinated teriyaki burger, but that it was served on a matcha bun before adding cheese and egg to it. The spectacular result is this epic burger.

I love meeting people with so much passion for food. Their drive to create signature dishes and to present them to the world is one that I can truly relate to. Hiromi’s humble pride in what she delivers is beautiful to experience and so I will leave you with and ingredient list rather then a recipe today, as I want you to book a table at her restaurant and discover the true spirit of hospitality that this lady has to offer.

Ingredients Wagyu Teriyaki Burger

  • Matcha bun
  • Wagyu beef patty
  • Teriyaki marinade
  •  Soft boiled egg
  • Cheese (as you wish)
  • Avocado (if preferred)

For more information or to book a table at Hiromi’s Yakiniku (“grilled meat”) Restaurant Zao in Amsterdam, click here!

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