Bar Fisk – Amsterdam

It was already buzzing for a while that a new restaurant was opening in de Pijp area called Bar Fisk. Curious as I am to discover new food concepts, I ventured off with my friend to discover and taste their menu. Considering their name, I expected a Scandinavian seafood restaurant. Upon arriving we discovered that their menu indeed offers a majority of seafood dishes, yet their concept is far from the average Scandi seafood joint. “We bring the ever-lively, no-strings attached hospitality of Tel Aviv and Barcelona markets to Amsterdam.”  is the first line you’ll read on their website and boy do their bring it! Around the corner of the Albert Cuyp Market, Bar Fisk uniquely offers gastronomy in a laidback bar setting, while slaying traditional restaurant hierarchy through continuous interaction between all levels of service. The open kitchen setting allows you to soak up the cooking spectacle, while sipping a signature cocktail and chatting away. Utterly fabulous!

Now let’s talk food! Well, we actually kicked off with cocktails, as they offer a fierce selection of signature cocktails, Gin Tonics, longdrinks and shots. Considering that they offer late night dining (yaaas!) the drink menu is a total blessing! The lovely people of Bar Fisk guided us in selecting a few of their dishes and if the whole experience wasn’t spectacular enough, their food merely added to that. We started with cured mackerel (w/ roasted cauliflower, arugula and yogurt tahini) and corvina tartar (w/ tabbouleh salad, labane and eggplant). Both delicious, yet the latter (cover photo of this post!) is definitely my favorite. Our foodie adventure continued with skate wing (w/ tomato paprika chutney and chickpeas) and pan fried sea bream (w/ spinach, almonds and hanged yogurt). Again, both dishes tasted fantastic, but both my friend and I fell in love with their sea bream dish. We might be a little biased as we both love sea bream in general, but the flavours of their dish combined so well…utterly delicious!

Oh and as a grande (foodgasmic!) finale their off menu deserts…holy smokes! A bombshell chocolate desert that almost made me cry of pleasure and a to-die-for polenta sponge cake with orange flower syrup, pistachio, vanilla mascarpone cream…do I need to continue? 😉 We had a fantastic night at Bar Fisk and I am happy to have them around the corner for a late night bite again soon!

Bar Fisk

Eerste Sweelinckstraat 23

Amsterdam (de Pijp)

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