A Curated Journey of Cocktails

A few weeks ago my colleague and friend Karine (The Digitalistas) invited me along to taste a new cocktail menu. In the heart of Amsterdam’s Jordaan district lies the Andaz hotel. This ridiculously fabulous hotel houses bar/restaurant Bluespoon, where head bartender Martin Eisma showcases his creations. We were welcomed by Agnieszka Rozenska, the fierce and devoted bar manager of Bluespoon. As she presented the stunning cocktail menu, she explained how every single cocktail on the menu is their very own creation. As (especially hotel-)bars in Amsterdam are vastly expanding their cocktail offerings, I think it’s important to deliver beyond a customised, signature menu. The incredibly passionate cocktail journey that we were about to take showed us precisely that finishing touch that makes Bluespoon one of the best in Amsterdam.Bluespoon Bluespoon
The tasting took us on a cocktail journey, teasing our pallets through various incredible drinks. Some laidback, with a classic look, yet refreshing taste. Some beyond your standard cocktail expectations, like the El Greengo, a tequila based cocktail with pineapple, basil and avocado cream. Yes, avocado cream. Martin tells us how he believes that everyone’s pallet is so unique, that the same drink can trigger various memories and emotions for each individual. That is exactly what happened with us and I loved experiencing this.
While Martin’s stirring and shaking continued (this is actually funny as his Instagram account is called stirredovershaken) and Agnieszka swept us off our feet with her excellent hospitality skills, nothing could’ve prepared us for the grand cocktail finale that was about to be presented. The picture below shows the one that blew us all away, collectively. This cappuccino-like cocktail is called Mrs. Bluespoon blossom in the snow and symbolises “that magic moment when the winter snow is slowly fading away and the first flowers are beginning to blossom in the start of spring”.

It’s Friday as I’m writing this post, so if you’re reading this and you haven’t tried Martin’s creations…stop with whatever it is that you’re doing (well not if you’re saving lives as we speak of course) and take an Uber to Bluespoon. I promise you hereby that it’s close to impossible to leave this place unsatisfied.

For more information visit Bluespoon’s website.

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