Cafe Chantilly – Amsterdam

In the booming east side of Amsterdam lies a tiny little (yet quite genially stretched!) eatery called Cafe Chantilly. The story of 2 cousins and their binding childhood love for baking is quite known among neighbourhood folks. That love for baking (and cooking) led to their entrepreneurial adventure, which eventually led to the birth of this neighbourhood cafe. The close connection between the staff and customers was very noticeable. In fact, while I was photographing their fabulous menu items, it was clear that the staff knew nearly all customers personally. As this is a generally lost concept among the average central Amsterdam hipster joints, it was easy to fall in love with this place. As for their food…


…well it simply adds to the fabulousness of this place. Magically decorated plates with stacked up American (or Banana!) Pancakes (€7,50) or French Toast (€5,50) served up with a side of fresh fruits. Each item looks truly beautiful (hooray for Instagram addicts!) and considering the above mentioned prices..well..I consider it rare to find an affordable alternative to the fabulousness of Cafe Chantilly.

 Cafe Chantilly

Molukkenstraat 53

Amsterdam (east)

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