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Amsterdam has embraced and expanded her food culture throughout the years. Outdoor summer events with a food theme have become part of the cities brand name and it was only a matter of time for indoor food markets to make their debut in the city. After discovering the highly anticipated Markthal Rotterdam I couldn’t wait to go and discover the Amsterdam version of an indoor food market: De Foodhallen. Although a great restaurant experience can make me melt away with joy, I discovered my love for indoor food markets when I first stepped into the infamous Mercado de San Miguel (in Madrid, Spain). An indoor food market is basically a collection of food vendors selling their unique dishes and sharing their great passion for food. Of course you’re able to get a big plate of food, but the real fun lies in just walking around, discovering the various offerings and taste several (snack sized) goodies. Foodhallen Amsterdam has managed to create a fabulous setting that makes you wanna do that for hours and hours, which is exactly what my friend and I did. We spent hours in this elegant building to discover all the foodtabulous food that was being served at the Foodhallen. Yum!

I couldn’t help but compare this Amsterdam version of an indoor food market with the one in Rotterdam. Yes, Rotterdam managed to build an impressively large venue with over 100 different vendors. Amsterdam made a (much!) smaller version with only 20 vendors. However, Foodhallen Amsterdam never planned to be an indoor market for groceries, but aimed to re-create the typical Spanish Mercado-like food markets. My conclusion: they nailed it! The cozy atmosphere, superb variation in food offerings, stunning(!) entourage and fabulous people set the stage for one of my new favorite go-to places in the city for a quick bite, a lazy lunch of even an after-work drink with friends.

As for the food, well, you’ll just have to go and discover! 🙂 The Dutch tend to whine (in general..) a bit about prices, but considering the average cost of a mediocre meal in an Amsterdam restaurant, this place will cost you the same (or less!) and leaves you with a fun and (not totally unimportant) delicious food experience. Oh and when Dishtales says delicious, well as my readers you guys kinda know exactly what that means for me. The power of people’s love for food and their stories of how they got to this point of sharing their cuisine at the fabulous Foodhallen of Amsterdam makes me wanna go back and you know what…I will! Stay tuned as some of these fantastic vendors even asked to be featured as Dishtales People! 🙂

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Markthal Rotterdam is opened 7 days a week from 11am to 8pm on weekdays
and from 11am to 9pm from Thursday to Saturday.

Wanna stay longer and enjoy a drink or two? The bar stays open till midnight!

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