Fresh Fries & Chocolate Sauce

A few weeks ago I received a mysterious save-the-date for a Monday morning tasting. Considering that the invite came from the good people at Hands-Off (my Chocolate) the teaser was well received. I’m all for tastings and how can it go wrong when chocolate is involved! 🙂 A short bike trip followed to the lavishing south of Amsterdam, where the lovely ladies of Frietboutique were already preparing our brunch. On the menu: the delicious fresh cut fries of Frietboutique drizzled with chocolate sauce by Hands-Off my Chocolate. What’s the verdict…?

Ever since Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche decided to dip basically everything into chocolate sauce in the foodie movie classic Chocolat, I’ve been mesmerised with the idea. And if you think about it, why wouldn’t it work? A little bit of savoury (almost anything really) with that glorious taste of chocolate..heavenly! Two things I’d like to mention:

  1. They lied in Chocolat! A few bites of anything-covered-in-chocolat and you’re stuffed like an elephant. There’s no way you can go on and on, feasting on a 5 course chocolate drizzled meal. And if
  2. The chocolate sauce that we tasted at Frietboutique was quite sweet. Personally I’d prefer a bit of a cayenne pepper kick or a bit more of a bitter (dark chocolate) taste, combined with fresh fries.

Nevertheless, this is definitely worth the taste on these sunny days. Oh and if your sugar cravings aren’t satisfied: Frietboutique also serves amazing ice cream at the same stand at IJsboutique!  |  |

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