Gin Neo – Amsterdam

His story is fascinating and his dishes are beyond spectacular. Gin Neo, one of the restaurants we should cherish in Amsterdam, as true passion for food comes together in a mid city setting that you simply must experience. Jin Hu, chef and owner of Gin Neo, showcases his signature style of cooking, based on three elements: his youth, emotions and seasons. His very humble and laidback attitude turns every table into a very personal chef’s table, leaving you with a mixed sense of next level hospitality and that comfy stay-at-home dining experience. I wasn’t sure if my dad would be a big fan of experimental fine dining, but he was super excited about it and so we sat down at our road-side table, ready for Jin’s 5-course adventure.

The magic of Gin Neo’s menu lies in two elements. The first is his choice of continuously adapting his menu to whatever he finds at local suppliers and seasonal produce that is available. Basically you never know what will be served and (aside of dietary limitations) you are in for a surprise treat every time you eat here. The second element compliments the first in a very bold and beautiful way. This is when you discover Jin’s fine pallet and experience how his youth and emotions inspire his cooking skills. I’ve had classic dishes with a hint of Asian flavours before at fine dining restaurants in Vancouver, Canada. Nothing was ever as refined and subtle, though very much present, as Jin’s dishes. This was for me (and my dad!) the most exciting thing about the Gin Neo dining experience. Put that all into a funky, fresh environment, with extremely friendly staff and a humble chef that loves interaction with his guests…utterly perfect!

For more information and reservations visit Gin Neo‘s website!

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