Renzo’s Delicatessen – Amsterdam

The great thing about living in a capital city is that you’ll always manage to find an undiscovered eatery in any given corner. It could be a new hipster froyo concept or a longstanding, well-known establishment that you for some reason never heard of or ‘always wanted to visit’ as ‘everyone was talking about it’. On a very sunny Monday my friend Patrick picked a spot for lunch down in Amsterdam’s Museum Quarter. This very decadent neighbourhood features some of the best hotels, museums and a Rodeo Drive equivalent shopping street where Prada high five’s Dior. We strolled through this bustling district and parked our bikes on a quiet corner, right past the touristic spectacle. Now if you’re truly an Amsterdammer you know exactly what tiny little, adorable (catering) shop I’m talking about! 😉 If not, keep on reading as I present one of my Dishtales Favorite FoodspotsRenzo’s.

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Over 30 years ago, this family run catering shop opened her doors and it has set the tone for quality takeout ever since. Homemade Italian dishes are offered throughout the day, alongside many quality products that are sold in the shop. All recipes are created by the owners and their love for sharing their creations is very much visible. Oh and my absolute favorite (and also most popular) dish at Renzo’swhite truffle ravioli with arugula, shaved red onion, pine nuts and parmesan cheese. To die for!

 Renzo’s Delicatessen

Van Baerlestraat 67

Amsterdam (museum district)

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