Taste of Amsterdam 2015

As a food blogger I (naturally) love food events. The last few years these events have become a major trend and so every other week there’s another one going on somewhere. You can imagine that it becomes increasingly hard to keep track and try to visit them all. On top of that most events look strongly alike and (in my opinion) lack conceptual construction. It’s almost as if every event just seems to call the same old list of food trucks to hop by and sell the exact same stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love almost all their goodies, but it would be so much more refreshing to see some local, food-loving people whom passionately share their unique culinary goodies.

Dishtales - Taste of Amsterdam 2015 (29 of 38)

When I was invited to visit a food tasting preview tour by the fabulous PR folks at Typhoon Hospitality, I realized I’d never been to this particular food event before. After doing some online browsing and chatting around with some other foodies I was pleasantly surprised to hear that this food event managed to bring together both gastronomic cuisine as well as local food suppliers (of all kinds), turning it into a melting pot food festival with fantastic food, beautifully passionate (foodies!) people and of course lots (and lots!) of tasting. In case you’re in Amsterdam this weekend, I hereby promise you that you’re missing out if you don’t travel down to the Amstelpark to experience Taste of Amsterdam 2015.

It was a true privilege to walk around before the massive crowd of hungry earthlings arrived. We had the chance to discover the area together with two incredible chefs: Alain Caron and Ramon Beuk (and even some of the Dutch Masterchef contestants!). With incredible passion for their foods and beverages we listened (and tasted!) to each of the vendor/food-truck owner’s wonderful stories. Obviously I wanted to feature every single one of those Dishtales with you all, but this is the thing that I love most about these events. You simply walk around and while you’re tasting there isn’t a single vendor who doesn’t LOVE to tell you their food story. Isn’t that fabulous?

Have a great time at Taste of Amstedam (scroll down for more information!). Here’s some more pictures of our press tour and impressions of this foodtabulous foodievent!

For more information visit Taste of Amsterdam’s website by clicking HERE

A big thank you to Typhoon Hospitality PR! Visit their website by clicking HERE



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