Taste of Amsterdam 2017

Taste of AmsterdamThe first day of has officially come to an end and I look back to an extraordinary day of fabulous gastronomie, beautiful people and so many concepts that make me a proud resident of this deliciously gorgeous city. I have a deep love for this food festival in particular, as it truly celebrates all the food that we love so much by all the chefs, whom are celebrated for both their talent as well as their dishes. The thing that makes this festival so unique (considering the vast competition) is the incredible variation of food offered. Michelin star restaurants serve their award winning dishes next to passionate food truck owners, local restaurant owners, hospitality product/service providers and the occasional hipster restaurant that we still kinda love anyway! 🙂 I shared an album with impressions on the Dishtales Facebook page, but will leave you with a glimpse into some of the beautiful dishes that we tried today at Taste of Amsterdam. In case you’re eager to try some of them..well, you have 3 more days to book your ticket to Amsterdam and dive into this amazing food festival! Bon Appétit!

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