Truffle Tuesday at 5&33 – Amsterdam

5&33 is the well designed restaurant that was introduced to the fine people/visitors of Amsterdam when Art’otel opened her doors a few years ago. With a shared dining concept, spectacular table settings and ultra hip decorations, the hotel chain clearly introduced their merged restaurant as an NYC-ish, dress-to-impress, cocktail sipping establishment for whomever wishes to showcase their level of fabulousness. Therefore, when I first visited 5&33 I was highly aware of my way too casual outfit & worn-out Converse shoes..oh boy 🙂 Regardless of my occasional dresscode issues I love sharing a meal there. Their menu offers a wide selection of goodies, including a bad-ass burrata (with fresh heritage tomatoes and basil) that I could eat everyday!


The table was set last week to taste their notorious truffle menu. Together with a group of fellow bloggers we were invited to taste their new menu item, homemade pasta with fresh truffle. Although it’s hard to go wrong with truffle, nothing could’ve prepared us for the intense (#)foodgasm that followed. While we normally (and awkwardly) bend over, stand up, roll around and sweat away to make that perfect picture, you could hear a needle drop when we took our first bite. At some point we were even scooping up leftover sauce..I know, how chique 😉 Anyway, I’m hooked and will definitely return on Truffle Tuesday for another plate (or two..)!

In case you wanna try this mad plate of truffle excellence (with a complimentary glass of prosecco!) you can reserve a table by clicking here!

Thank you 5&33 and Maison PR for yet another fabulous soiree at the lovely Art’otel.

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