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I call it my second home and totally believe that I’ve earned the right to do so. Considering that I travel up to Berlin nearly every month (and if possible sometimes twice a month!) I’ve discovered so many treasures in this city. Yet, considering the magnitude, I’m happy to know that the discoveries will be endless, as well as my trips to this magical place. This summer, during a record long stay in Berlin, I decided to photograph some of the places where I ate. My amazing company during this trip proved to be the most patient partner in this sometimes (pretty much) annoying ‘please-wait-for-me-to-take-a-picture-first’ blogging lifestyle. This, however, allowed me to come up with some great pictures to share. I am very excited to share this post today, showcasing 6 of my favorite places to fill your bellies in fabulous Berlin.

1. Coffee & Cheesecake in Mitte – Five Elephant
A colleague of mine (Your Ambassadrice) posted a picture of this amazing piece of cheesecake during one of her Berlin ventures. As we were strolling through Mitte, I recognised the name Five Elephant and pretty much dragged my company into this cute little coffee & cake shop. Fabulous coffee (I had my regular hipster cup of flat white) and the cheesecake was terrific! Great for a quick, usually much needed, recharging pitstop during your Mitte shopping spree.


2. Berlin’s most famous Currywurst in Prenzlauerberg – Currywurst
One of my best friends in Berlin used to live around the corner of this place. The cues during lunch were terrifying and at the same time growing my curiosity to know what the fuss was about. On a random afternoon I strolled by this place and saw that only a dozen people were in line. I joined them and discovered why Konnopke’s Imbiss still has a cue after selling their currywurst for more than 80(!) years. I took my friends there again to try-out as well. Now I have to say that drinking a bottle of Berlin Kindl on the streets was catching their attention mostly, yet I was again tasting the consistency in quality. A must-try during a Berlin trip!


3. A taste of Vietnam in Mitte – Goodmorning Vietnam
In a city that has embraced Asian cuisine like no other in Europe, it is difficult to call out a ‘best of’ restaurant. I will refrain myself from doing that when writing about these restaurants in Berlin. Good Morning Vietnam drew us with its cute little outdoor terrace and delicious plates of Vietnamese food. I call this true comfort food and with one of their delicious ‘exotic cocktails’ next to it you can’t go wrong on trying this particular cuisine.


4. Spectacular Ramen in Kreuzberg – Cocolo Ramen
It was one of those days in Berlin that make me love this city so much. We wanted to go for a stroll somewhere nice and my friend Nathalie told us to head over to Kreuzberg (surprise, surprise) and walk down Maybachufer. Around the area we’d find this ramen place called Cocolo Ramen. The walk down Maybachufer is a great escape in this busy city, with people sitting at the water (drinking beer of course) and strolling up and down a bit, enjoying the surrounding scenery. As for the (apparently quite well known) ramen at Cocolo…just go and try it. I promise you that you’ll fall in love with this place!



5. Vertical Farm Restaurant in Mitte – Goodbank
After days of binge-eating and of course some good old non-stop partying we were ready for a healthy bite. A friend in the US told us about this vertical farm restaurant called Good Bank. We were meeting up with my friend Ilya and took him along with us to try their food. Now I have to say, considering that I haven’t seen this concept before in Amsterdam, I was impressed. The Caesar’s salad was incredible and the meal fits it’s purpose: a healthy, feel-good lunch. Price-wise my (Berliner) friend thought that nearly €10 is too much for a salad, though I couldn’t be bothered by that considering that (1) Amsterdam prices exceed way beyond these prices and (2) paying a little extra for an organic, eco-friendly meal is quite ok in my opinion. Would I go back? Well, considering that my body needs a healthy plate now and then with all the partying in Berlin: yes I will! 🙂



6. Fine Dining with a German twist in Mitte – Peter Paul
The last one of these 6 fine foodie hotspots is right up my alley: fine dining based on local cuisine. Peter Paul was again tipped my one of my lovely Amsterdam blogging colleagues of Your Ambassadrice. The menu transforms German dishes into small plates to share, allowing you to go on a tasting adventure. Somewhere between herring, a super-egg on a bed of spinach, roast beef and these delicious little balls (don’t remember what they were, but God they were good!) we were totally satisfying our taste buds. An evening of fine dining cost us less than €70 (for 2) and that, my friends, is yet another reason why going out for food in Berlin is oh so fabulous!


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