GL2T Event 2016 – The Hague

Last weekend I was going through my Macbook in an attempt to sort out dozens of stacked up folders (#photographerissues) with pictures that I sometimes don’t even remember taking. That’s when I saw a folder that was strangely named “<3”. I opened it and discovered a collection of pictures that I took last summer during the annual event of the ever so fabulous Girls Love 2 Travel (GL2T). Now the average blogger event usually consist of discovering a new venue, sipping cocktails, meeting friends, sipping more cocktails and discovering other (new) creative colleagues. GL2T step up the game with a full day of surprise activities and a very fengshui guest list of online influencers and creative folks, turning it into a day-long spectacle! As for the location, well we ‘ventured’ out of Amsterdam, to my old hometown and international city of justice: The Hague.


From a royal horse drawn carriage pickup to casual lunch in the gardens of the Peace Palace and sipping champagne on a forty meter high ferris wheel, with the sea underneath us. It was like a fairytale… with a big group of online influencers playing the lead characters. 🙂 Bringing together the grandeur of a spectacular event and a down to earth, fun-loving vibe..well that’s exactly what these girls are so good at. For this event they collaborated with This is The Hague, showcasing various activities that this beautiful city has to offer. Our fairytale day ended on the seaside resort of Scheveningen, where we ate, drank and danced the night away, before heading back to Amsterdam.

Pictures say it all and so I will leave you with an impression of our day in The Hague. I’d like to give a digital high five to the beautiful group of people that we were with as well as the organisation This is The Hague, whom (re-)presented the city to us with so much love. And of course, nothing but love for the golden threesome that you’ll never forget: Fieke, Manon & Viola aka Girls Love 2 Travel. <3

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