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Monday is usually a nice and quiet start of the week here, but my alarm bell is ringing as early as 6AM today! A very exciting week with a fantastic vegetarian recipe tomorrow, a gorgeous comeback of Dishtales People, the introduction of a new theme (Dishtales Travels) and a spectacular trip to one of my favorite cities in the world: PARIS! Yes, Dishtales is venturing off into the world and there’s a very good reason for us to kick-off this new blogging theme in Paris…

Noemie -

When I started using my Dishtales Instagram account I discovered an account that captivated me. Breathtaking pictures and truly a massive load of positive energy were captured in fabulous vegan dishes. The person behind this account (Noémie) and I have been following each others accounts ever since, both with a different mission yet a similar love for food! It’s a true pleasure to meet her in Paris later this week and feature her signature/favorite dish next week on the blog. Building friendships around the world through the eyes of food, this is why I love blogging so much! 🙂

Anyway, loads of work, yet even more excitement, smiles, joy and of course……FOOD! 🙂

Have a fantastic week everyone!

Visit for fabulous vegan food inspiration by Noémie!

Disclaimer: Post photo is a compilation of pictures by Noémie on where you can find the full articles and recipes for the dishes in these pictures (in both English and French!)

Disclaimer: Cover photo was found on

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