London Street food: Borough Market

Street food has become increasingly popular over the years. Food festivals with dozens of food trucks are the new summer attractions for locals and visitors of cities around the world. Although Amsterdam has visibly embraced street food culture the last few years, London caught up early on and to many this multi-cultural, cosmopolitan city is considered the mecca of street food. Dozens of nationalities proudly present their products and homeland cuisine either in small establishments, as street food vendors or at one of the many markets around town. As there are countless markets in London I decided to choose and present my favorite market of all. On a busy Saturday afternoon I took the tube, a classic double-decker and strolled through Borough & Bankside to the Shard Skyscraper in Southwark, London, right next to the London Bridge.

There’s something about the Borough Market that makes me super happy every time I visit London. Although a first glimpse of the huge structure and the variety of products that are sold by vendors makes you think that this is just like any other market in town, this market offers a few unique things that you have to experience. First, there’s a very clear route to walk, that clearly separates market areas with different purposes. If you enter through the main entrance you start with stalls that sell daily groceries. If you continue you’ll end up tasting whatever the specialty vendors offer you to taste (which obviously is my favorite part ;)). A little further on you walk into a street food massacre, with curries, venison burgers, massive paella pans and so countless types of fresh juices. The vibrant interaction between sales people and foodies is absolutely lavishing!

The second part of this fabulous market is beyond the produce/tasting section, when you walk past the incredible Southwark Cathedral and find dozens of stalls under the London Bridge. This is the true essence of street food and the second reason why I love this market so much. I can name a list of things you can eat here, but honestly you can go for anything you desire, sit in the lovely cathedral gardens and enjoy your fabulous bites and drinks. A true food loving experience that you cannot miss while visiting London.

The final thing that makes the Borough Market so unique: location, location, location! Next to the colossal Shard, under the London Bridge and right next to the river Thames. I can’t wait to return to London and spend a whole day (or two) at what I consider to be one of the best offerings of this wonderful city!

For more information, visiting hours and directions to Borough Market click here.

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