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Although it’s always been right around the corner of Amsterdam, for some reason I didn’t visit Brussels for nearly 20 years. I’ve always been a big fan of Belgian cities like Antwerp, Liege and Gent, but Brussels was that one city that I never felt the urge to visit. When a fellow blogger told me about this fabulous hotel that she visited and (more importantly) some amazing eateries that she discovered in Brussels, I decided it was time to travel down to the home of the EU headquarters. I knew that the hotel I was staying at was one of the not so many high towers of the city. Indeed, from a distance this massive building with such refined, elegant interiors was easy to be spotted. Oh and the best part, the hotel that I was staying at was called…The Hotel! 🙂Dishtales - The Hotel Blog Images (1 of 17) Dishtales - The Hotel Blog Images (2 of 17) Dishtales - The Hotel Blog Images (3 of 17)
Fun fact about this 4 star establishment: the president of the United States actually rented a bunch of rooms here during his EU visit. Now of course I wasn’t going for the spiritual I-can-sense-Obama’s-presence experience, but I have to say that I totally understand the choice. After checking in and taking some pictures (as bloggers do) I went up to the panorama lounge, a 24th floor area that is only accessible by some of the hotel guests and where you can enjoy a drink, bite, some fabulous reading materials and most importantly a stunning view of Brussels.

It’s time to head out and explore the city a bit. While I stroll around the lavishing shopping area around The Hotel, I couldn’t help but wonder why the streets were so empty. Is Brussels supposed to be this quiet on a random Springtime Saturday? It wasn’t until I heard loud music, walked up the stairs and saw a massive crowd dancing and marching the streets. The city wasn’t quiet, not at all. Everyone was marching towards city hall as it was Brussels Pride, fantastic!

The day quickly passed and so far I was truly surprised by this cities friendly people, stunning architecture and fantastic energy. A full day of food adventures was ahead of me, so I went to sleep quite early. I had already seen some pictures of The Hotel’s breakfast offerings and couldn’t wait to make some cool composition pictures myself. Now although there’s a second article coming up about my food discoveries in Brussels, I simply cannot leave you all without showing you what delicious goodies were presented to me the next morning. Once a foodie, always a foodie!

For more information on The Hotel check out their website by clicking here!



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